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Christmas Dinner

Celebrate the Christmas at Bourbon Foz do Iguaçu with the special dinner that we prepared.


Date: 12/24/19
Time: from 8pm to 11pm
Place: Frontier Restaurant
Price: starting at BRL 190,00 per person
Children under 05: courtesy
Children aged 06-11: starting at BRL 95,00



  • Complete buffet
  • Water, juice, soft drinks and beer (Skol/Brahma)

Starters – Diverse Salads:

  • Green leaf lettuce, iceberg lettuce, red leaf lettuce, and arugula
  • Laminated tomatoes with edible flower petals
  • Grilled palmheart
  • Seasoned mung bean sprouts
  • Christmas salad – parsnips with chicken, figs and walnuts
  • Grain salad with fresh asparagus and natural yogurt
  • Toasted vegetable salad with shrimp


  • Green and black olives;
  • Quail eggs
  • Green peas
  • Sundried tomatoes

Cold cuts:

  • Cheese and cold cut boards

Hot buffet:

  • Rice with dried fruits
  • Shrimp risotto
  • Parsnip puree with almonds
  • Jerked beef ravioli and pumpkin with Champagne sauce
  • Three cheeses rondelli with shrimp and soft cheese sauce


  • Filet mignon stuffed with coalho (curd) cheese with Malbec gravy and laminated Brazil nuts
  • Roasted turkey on a bed of pineapple with apricot and apple sauce
  • Salmon fillet in a tangerine reduction


  • Mini Christmas trunk cake
  • White chocolate and pistachio pie
  • Chocolate and coconut pie
  • Brazilian-style flan
  • Walnut pie
  • Mini Quindim
  • Panettone
  • Laminated fruits
  • Mini diet peach mousse

Note: Reservations by phone only.


Christmas Dinner

This offer is no longer available