Bourbon Cataratas do Iguaçu Resort

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Bourbon Jazz Nights


Bourbon Cataratas do Iguaçu Resort is promoting jazz evenings with a live band!

Enjoy modern hits and classics composed by such great names of jazz as Charlie Parker, Frank Sinatra, Tom Jobim, and Miles Davis.

With special snacks and drinks menu!


  • Dry martini – Martini and tanqueray
  • Aperol Spritiz – sparkling wine, aperol, soda, orange
  • Pina colada – Rum, coconut milk, nutmeg, sour cream, pineapple
  • Daiquiri – Rum, lemon juice and sugar


Band: 4 Jazz
Date: Every Friday
Time: From 7pm to 10pm
Remarks: No service charge will be made, only whatever is consumed.

Bourbon Jazz Nights

To know more, please contact:

Phone 55 45 3521 3900