Who we are

Bourbon Hotels & Resorts, with over 55 years of experience in the hospitality market.

  • Mission Mission

    To responsibly strive for the satisfaction of customers, employees and investors.

  • Vision Vision

    Excellence in hospitality.

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    Human development

    Transparent communication


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  • 21/Aug/1963 – Bourbon Londrina Business Hotel Opening of the Chain's first hotel, the Bourbon Londrina Business Hotel. The first phase of the venture was inaugurated with 45 rooms, room service and breakfast.
  • 20/Dec/1973 – Bourbon Cataratas Convention & Spa Resort * 

    10 Years Later, Vezozzo's family launches its first Resort in Foz do Iguazu.
    The weather turned nasty during an airplane trip from São Paulo to Londrina. The plane landed at the Foz do Iguaçu – PR airport. Once there, Alceu Vezozzo used the opportunity to visit some land that was for sale. He was delighted by one parcel and decided to buy it. That was where a wing of the hotel was initially built, with 69 rooms and with premium quality for the region, which attracted the attention of tourism companies in the Rio - São Paulo area.


    * 1975 – Focus on direct sales *

    The chain broke its contracts with major tourism agencies and began to offer its own thematic packages for holidays and commemorative dates.
  • 1988 – Inauguration of the Bourbon Curitiba Convention Hotel
  • The Bourbon Chain develops its expansion, starting work on the Bourbon Atibaia Convention & Spa Resort.
  • 05/Jan/2002 – Inauguration of the Bourbon Batel Express Hotel



    01/Dec/2002 - Inauguration of the Bourbon Atibaia Convention & Spa Resort



    Jul/2003 - Inauguration of the Bourbon Joinville Business Hotel



    01/Jan/2004 - Inauguration of the Bourbon Cascavel Express Hotel



    31/Oct/2005 - Inauguration of the Bourbon Alphaville Business Hotel



    Aug/2007 – Chain enters the Bourbon Convention Ibirapuera*


    One of the biggest hotels in São Paulo and in Brazil, it consolidated the Bourbon brand in the country's largest metropolitan area.



    01/Jul/2008 – Chain enters the Bourbon Barra Premium Residence
  • 01/12/2011 – Chain enters the Bourbon Dom Ricardo Curitiba Airport Business Hotel*


    The Bourbon Chain expands its reach into the outskirts of Curitiba, diversifying its offerings for guests visiting the region.



    03/09/2011 – Inauguration of the Bourbon Asunción Convention Hotel*

    The Bourbon Chain starts international operations with the inauguration of the Bourbon Asunción Convention Hotel, located in Luque, in the greater Asunción metro area of Paraguay.



    01/08/2013 – Chain enters the Be Jardín Escondido by Coppola*



    2013 – Change of President* 

    After decades at the helm of the Bourbon Chain, Alceu Vezzozo hands off his position to his successor, Alceu Vezzozo Filho. That same year, the Bourbon Chain begins operations in Buenos Aires – Argentina. It also launches the Be – Bourbon Exclusive brand in the market – geared towards boutique hotels aimed at offering unique guest experiences.